Lobster Roll Day


June 29th 2022 is Lobster Roll Day at all Governor’s Locations! As you might imagine, this makes for a very busy day at our stores. With the way things are in the world these days, our special is WHILE SUPPLIES LAST.  Here are some tips and tricks to get in, get out and get your Lobster Rolls.

Last year we sold over 21,000 Lobster Rolls across our 6 stores.  That means we start making lobster rolls bright and early to fulfill the takeout orders.  If you would like a roll with a freshly grilled bun, please let us know!

Call ahead Take Out orders:

Please, (we can’t stress this enough) Just come in and pick up your Lobster Roll order. It slows us down greatly to take phone in orders. In fact we won’t accept call in or online orders if it’s for less than 10 Lobster Rolls.

Lobster Rolls are $9.63 plus tax. If you would like to add French Fries, Chips, or Cole Slaw, it’s $1.00 each plus tax.

If you have a large order (more than 25 rolls) for your office or family, please call us so we can have it ready for you! If you are placing an order for less than 25 lobster rolls, please just come in and order. We will have you in and out as soon as possible.  Online Orders will be accepted for a minimum of 10 Lobster Rolls or more. It slows us down greatly to receive orders for individual rolls. Again, just come in and they will be ready to pick up when you arrive 🙂

ALL ORDERS WILL BE ASAP ONLY. Due to the nature of the special we can’t accept scheduled orders.

Cash Only Kiosks for Lobster Roll orders only:

Governor’s Old Town and Presque Isle will have Cash Only Drive-thru kiosks so you can get Lobster Rolls, Cole Slaw, Chips, and Soda without getting out of your car. Governor’s Bangor, Ellsworth and Waterville  will have a walk up Cash Only kiosk. Lobster Rolls will be $10 (including tax) and it will be $1 to add on any sides. French Fries will not be available at the outside kiosks. Follow the signs when you arrive and we’ll get you in and out as quickly as possible! Cash only pricing is NOT available at our Lewiston store. PLEASE NOTE Cash Only Prices available at the Drive Thru and Walk up Kiosks only, not inside the building. That’s your bonus for helping us move the line quicker 🙂

Best time to order:

We start selling Lobster Rolls at 8AM (Except our Presque Isle and Waterville locations, which start at 10am.) Usually we begin to get really busy at 10:30 am, and it’s crazy until about 2:30. So if you don’t mind getting your lobster rolls early, come see us before 10am or between 2 pm and 4 pm.

Also, if you are ordering for your business or a large group, (more than 25 rolls) feel free to call us a couple days ahead so we know about your order and can have it ready for you.

Thanks so much for making this day busy and fun for all our staff!