Line Cook – Join our team!

The Cooks line is the engine that makes our restaurant go.  This job will be responsible for the following tasks:

  • Cook menu items in cooperation with the rest of the kitchen staff
  • Clean up station and take care of leftover food
  • Stock inventory appropriately
  • Ensure that food comes out simultaneously, in high quality and in a timely fashion
  • Comply with sanitation regulations and safety standards

Our goal with this post is to let you know more specifically about our company, this opportunity, and where a successful candidate could grow with us. We’re not for everyone but we would like you to get a snapshot of what the Governor’s experience might look like for you.

  1. Our Company – Governor’s Restaurant & Bakery is a family owned and operated restaurant chain with 6 full service restaurants in the state of Maine. We’ve been around since 1959. We believe in providing a safe, friendly work environment for our team members to work and grow. Sometimes things in a restaurant can get a little hectic and stressful, but our leadership teams try to keep things laid back as much as possible. We really try to create a family-like culture and environment for our teams. If you ask most of our managers, they would tell you what sets us apart is we go above and beyond to help our team members as much as we can.
  2. The Job – This position is for a Line Cook for our short order cooks line. Our cooks line consists of a Fry station where we hand bread and fry seafood, chicken, and appetizers; a Salad Station, a Grill station where we cook burgers, steak tips, grilled sandwiches, eggs, Pancakes, and omelets during breakfast, and a Set station where we bring dishes together and plate them to sell to our guests. We typically have anywhere from 3-6 cooks working on the line at one time, depending on the projected sales of that shift. We provide complete training on our menu and how to work each station. If you have no experience you will most likely start on the Fry and Salad Station, learn our menu, then move up into other stations as you get used to how we do things. If you have experience in a kitchen, you can possibly start training in other stations. Each station has a training checklist and test that you will have to pass to be certified on that station.
  3. What it takes – In this position, you will work as a team with 2-5 other cooks. The ability to communicate as a team is very important as orders come in and are processed. The ability to stay calm and multi-task as rushes happen is a key to a successful line cook. Other traits such as the ability to focus and think quickly come in handy. Finally the ability to help out your fellow team members and complete checklists is a must. 
  4. Pay – There are many factors that go into your wage. Obviously the experience you bring with you can start you off higher in the pay scale. When you start with us, the effort you show and more positions you learn make you more valuable to us. Your availability to work the shifts that we need filled makes you more valuable. We absolutely recognize those who create more value for us. Typically we can review pay with a new team member as soon as 30 days into your experience with us. Our team members generally have their pay reviewed one to two times annually, and we try to reward hard workers, and keep the pay scale moving as the minimum wage increases. 
  5. Opportunities – If you start with us as a line cook, you have the opportunity to learn all of our stations, including breakfast. As you become more skilled at your craft you become more valuable and can progress higher in our pay scale. You can get more preferential shifts. We offer additional training such as Serv-Safe certification and Leadership training at no charge to you. We have had cooks transition to our management team as shift leaders, assistant managers, and general managers. Depending on the store, you may also be able to transition to our prep/bakery team, where you can work independently with a more consistent schedule. Of course, all this depends on the effort you show, and the availability of these shifts/positions in your store.
  6. Benefits – All our team members are eligible for employee meals when they work, and earn paid time off (PTO) for every hour they work. Our full time employees are eligible for other benefits such as additional vacation time, a 401K plan, Health, Dental, and Life insurance. We try to reward with other perks when possible.
  7. Interview and Onboarding – If this sounds like a position that matches what you could be looking for, we would ask that you submit an application with as much information about yourself as possible. If we agree that it could be a good fit for you and us, we would invite you to interview with one of our management team members. At that point we would try to answer any questions you may have. If we ultimately decide based on that conversation that you might be a good fit with us and offer you a position, we would schedule an onboarding meeting for you to come in, meet some team members, and fill out tax, payroll, and policy paperwork. You would then receive a training schedule. If at any point you have any questions or concerns with the onboarding process we ask that you communicate with us so we can answer any questions to the best of our ability.

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to introduce our company and opportunity to you. We hope that this might be something that interests you and hope to hear from you. 

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